Cash Flow Review

FSB Small Business Lending provides a complimentary Cash Flow Review to business owners seeking to maximize cash flow during periods of growth and change.

A  Cash Flow Review is an independent, third-party financial assessment that follows these steps:

  1. Establish a foundation. We’ll confirm where your business is today and your current capital structure, what we call “Point A.”
  2. Understand your vision. We’ll ask you to define “Point B,” where you’d like to see your business three to five years from now.
  3. Discuss solutions. We’ll present options from a finance perspective on things you could do today – or in the coming months and years – to ensure your company is in the best financial position to achieve Point B.

What’s Involved?

A one-on-one consultation with a FSB SBL Partner.
We’ll need 30 to 90 minutes of your time for a meeting. You know your business. We know finance. We’ll use the meeting to identify financial structures that support your growth goals.

Zero pressure.
We are a direct term loan lender with a non-bank entrepreneurial spirit, and are not seeking to take over your banking relationship. We think differently than conventional bankers. When you are seeking financing for your business, we’d like to be your partner. That day may be three years out. That day may never come. We’re fine with that.

What’s in it for Business Owners?

Actionable next steps.
You’ll leave your Cash Flow Review with concrete options for establishing a financial structure that will support your plans for growth and success.

Fresh perspective and new options.
We promise to deliver unique solutions that conventional lenders and your professional advisors may not be showing you. Allow us to expand your options by applying our innovative approach to your business.

Why do we offer Cash Flow Reviews?

FSB Small Busniess Lending is not your typical lender. Our Business Development Officers have deep finance experience. Many are business owners themselves. So we get it. We enjoy talking to business owners, and providing counsel on the financial structures that will maximize cash flow and make more possible.

Your business may not have a financing need today, and that’s fine with us. We see value in learning about your company and the vision you hold for it; while also sharing our company’s story and our innovative approach to commercial lending.